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What Is DevOps Automation?

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Why Opt For DevOps Automation?

The DevOps (Development + Operations) architecture ensures a solid technological base for delivering integration and improvement in software. Automation is the key approach to bringing the DevOps philosophy to life.


DevOps Automation has made a number of traditionally exhaustive practices faster by collaboration and technological prowess. These include creation, development, testing, data security, deployment of software, data validation, etc. If you want your business to stay ahead of time, DevOps are the way to go.

Benefits Of DevOps Automation

Reduced Implementation Time
Increased Productivity
Decreased Capex
Slashed Maintenance Costs
Standardized Processes
Collaborative Prowess
Smooth Replication
Swifter Delivery
Improved Reusability
Smooth Replication
Swifter Delivery
Improved Reusability

Are you ready to go the DevOps way?

DevOps Automation Services from iOSys

Here’s a look at the various ways in which iOSys can make successful DevOps Automation fruitful for your business

DevOps Consultation

Strategize digital transformation in alignment with business objectives, vision, and policies. Our experts will conduct workshops for the formulation of foolproof plans that hold customer experiences in focus. We will also rope in developers, designers, and other digital experts for feasibility evaluation.

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DevOps Implementation

Gauge model value cases, customer preparedness, stakeholder opinions, and create a sound digital transformation roadmap. Our digital ninjas will execute interconnections between different departments and processes for breaking silos. The end result will be an actionable blueprint of your digital shift.

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Azure DevOps Services

Start by developing an in-depth understanding of your current and potential customers, demographics, psychographics, etc. Enhance touchpoints, top-line sales growth, loyalty while reducing cost-to-serve. We will apply top-notch platform modernization and service designs to transform CX digitally.

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AWS DevOps Services

Add functional and emotional value to your products with design principles. Our adept advisory team will implement design as a process and culture. We will construct and deploy industry-specific design capabilities, CX design, and automation.

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DevOps CI/CD Services

Implement Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Sales Cloud, or Oracle Cloud with all their utilitarian features. Run programs that optimize costs, redefine best practices and technological frameworks. With cloud adoption, agile management and data security will also be more streamline

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DevOps Containerisation Services

Get industry-specialist consultants on board for end-to-end ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) implementation. We hold a __% successful track record in the field. Our low-code process platform makes businesses more flexible, efficient, and future-proof.

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DevOps Release Management

Transform your IT processes with agile development and operational expertise. With our IaaC and CI/CD models, we deliver better frequency and quality of releases. Our solutions involve the entire DevOps curve from strategy to improvements.

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DevOps Security Tasks

Use the best of technology, science, and data to develop digital solutions that accelerate growth. We will revisit your business processes and overall digital footprint. The end result will be smart, internet-powered devices that share data and make lives easier.

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DevOps Cloud Automation

Follow agile principles to ensure end-user satisfaction, give velocity to ROIs, and expedite processes. Our plan includes suitable processes assessment and followa it up right up to scrum implementation and improvement guidelines for sustainability.

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DevOps Configuration Management

Enhance digital transformation with our Quality Assurance advisory services. Testing areas include Digital TCoE, GTM readiness, business agility, accreditation, and compliance checks. We deliver domain-centric solutions enabled by multi-industry expertise and a world-class technology-based approach.

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DevOps Compliance Management

View automation, processes, and service improvements from a holistic angle with scalable automation efforts. We use linking techniques to re-engineer and automate processes. With technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, we can transform your business landscape, offerings, and your brand.

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DevOps Customer Support

Enjoy round-the-clock customer support from our dedicated teams for all your digital transformation needs. Our advisors and consultants will always be just a call away for any improvements in systems. Once you partner with us, you build a sustainable digital relationship.

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Our DevOps Automation Projects

Take a look at how we transformed our clients with our DevOps Automation ecosystem!

  • Case studies background
    Project Two

    Build ROI-oriented campaigns with conversion-centric landing pages.

    Growth Design Conference Case study images
    Project One

    Build ROI-oriented campaigns with conversion-centric landing pages.

    Case studies background - iosyssoftware.com
    Project Three

    Build ROI-oriented campaigns with conversion-centric landing pages.

  • Explore all our DevOps Automation success stories!

    iOSys DevOps Tool Stack

    Some of the best tools from our DevOps Automation armor:

    You pick the tool stack, we demonstrate results

    The iOSys DevOps Cycle

    Here’s how iOSys closes the DevOps loop between development and operations:


    Continuous Development:
    • Top-notch planning and
      coding for sustainable


    Continuous Testing:
    • Automated testing and
      report generation with the
      finest of tools.


    Continuous Integration:
    • Bringing out the essence
      of DevOps with
      continuous and new
      functional integrations
      to the source code.


    Continuous Deployment:
    • Deployment of code to
      production servers with
      A-grade containerization
      and configuration


    Continuous Monitoring:
    • Resolving system and
      network errors. Maintaining
      availability and security.

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    Why iOSys?

    Here’s why iOSys can be your ace DevOps partner

    We use only the latest and trending automation tools and practices.
    Our overall digital transformation expertise helps in lending a wider perspective on your company’s DevOps philosophy.
    A culture that inspires ownership for building quality software in all teams is our prime focus.
    Assessment and value stream mapping are our specialties.

    iOSys Core Values

    Quality Assurance

    Business acumen

    Process Agility

    Result-Focused Workflow

    Client-Centric Approach

    Complete Compliance

    Do you want your software releases and quality to shoot up with DevOps Automation?

    Industries We Have Served

    We boast of expertise in a wide range of industries and always await fresh opportunities for innovation.

    Finance & Banking



    Media & Entertainment



    Real estate






    Ready to implement DevOps, the iOSys way?

    Client Testimonials

    Here’s what some of our clients have to say about the digital transformation journeys we created for them.

    IT company at Bangalore | iOSys Software India team

    “Nice, sleek design. The developers and designers were very quick to help make any adjustments you need and hopped on a call when I had questions. Highly recommended! “

    Kelly O’Hara

    “The customer support are excellent and for some of the more complicated code changes, they provided instant support and fixed any issues I had. I would definitely recommend this template! “

    Gary Burke
    Nymity Inc.

    “Great template, perfect for a hubspot blog. It works on desktop, mobile and is totally responsive. Also, the support team is answering quickly to your concerns and can customize your blog. “

    Capucine Constant

    ” Great template to make you look professional and modern! I also got great help from their team to make it work for our blog. I can’t tell you how happy I am with the experience. 100% recommend :)”

    Megan Berry
    Octane AI

    “Great design, and easy to update. Great customer service assisting us in getting a blog set up. “

    Kelly Stoner
    Health Jump

    “Great template and good service. The template is easy to edit and looks good out of the box – worked instantly. We had some thigs we needed customized and the creators were quick and precise in the edits. “

    Glen Stenstrup Hagensen

    “Great Blog-Template and great support. Can only recommend working with them! “

    SCOPE Recruiting
    SCOPE Recruiting

    “Super simple to use and easy to install. Support was very responsive and very informative. Highly recommend this template. “

    Barbara Hernandez

    “Un template design et moderne; il a fallu intervenir sur quelques aspects pour changer le template d’origine mais globalement très satisfaisant”

    Angélique Ribas

    “Beautiful template, really responsive and user friendly. If you need any special customizations the creators of this template are willing to help you with that. “

    Natalia Maynez

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    We offer a wide range of IT services for round the clock support.

    Digital Transformation

    Advisory & Consulting

    Embedded & IoT

    Turnkey Project Outcomes

    Product Development

    Migration From Legacy Systems

    iOSys ERP Implementation

    iOSys CRM

    Cloud Services

    Mobile App Development

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    Gain some insight into our comprehensive list of IT & Digital Marketing services.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    How can DevOps Automation be measured?

    DevOps can be measured with a range of metrics. The major ones are:

    a. Deployment frequency: It is a measure of DevOps tool’s effectiveness and evaluation, response time, team efficiency, and capabilities.
    b. Mean time to recover (MTTR): It measures the time taken for recovering from a particular failure with team capability and failure rate evaluation.
    c. Change lead time: It defines the time the passes between the first code sent to operations and the code’s deployment amongst customers. It takes into account the complexity of code and the capabilities of developers.
    d. Change failure rate: It is the everyday rate of frequent deployments through various endpoints against a benchmarked value.

    Can DevOps and Scaled Agile Models function together?

    DevOps is a blend of software development and operations for better, faster collaborative releases. Agile methodology places emphasis on the ability to evolve through self-organizing cross-functional teams with best industry practices.

    Agility and DevOps are conceptually similar and hence, can work in tandem. When DevOps Automation adopts agile practices, outcomes can be maximized. Agility can be used as the inspiration for forming a DevOps culture. It can strengthen the development and deployment cycles of DevOps while giving impetus to more efficient integration and delivery.

    Process agility, one of the core values of iOSys, naturally reflects upon our DevOps functions and enables us to constantly prepare more lucrative agility models. In order to understand this better, book a free consultation with us now!

    Can DevOps Automation help in improving our organization’s system security?

    There are multiple ways in which DevOps Automation helps in improving system security.
    a. With faster development and delivery of software, DevOps also deliver a faster rate of debugging.
    b. By improving the intensity of communication between teams, DevOps maximize team exposure and
    visibility in the software lifecycle. This increases the likelihood of identifying security flaws and errors
    before deployment.
    c. Automation leads to predictability and consistency in product development which decreases security risks
    due to human errors.
    d. DevOps Automation promotes the usage of the latest and most updated tools for the DevOps cycle. The
    more updated tools are, the more secure they tend to be.
    e. With Microservices and Containers, applications can be protected from human error and external threats
    alike. Since applications are broken down into smaller components, any attack or bug doesn’t bring the
    system down.

    Is there an ideal extent to which DevOps automation should be applied in our company?

    The ideal measure of automation to be integrated into an organization depends upon a lot of factors starting from the industry to the size of your organization and the scope of software you are releasing. There might or might not be a need to automate 100% of your processes at first, which we will decide based on investment evaluation and returns forecasting.

    At iOSys, we believe in first making processes perfect from the ground up and then automating them rather than simply doing what’s asked for. In order to understand the full scope of services on offer, a consultation would be ideal.

    Is it possible to achieve Continuous Delivery (CD) without downtime in DevOps?

    Yes. There are techniques that help us achieve zero downtime and Continuous Delivery in DevOps:
    a. Software load balancers
    b. A/B switch
    c. Delaying of port binding

    Have specific queries about our DevOps Automation services?