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Why Opt For Embedded & IoT Consultation Services?

The size of the digital universe is doubling every year with global IoT spends growing at double-digit rates! Capitalize on Embedded & IoT systems today to reap the maximum benefits of future-proof digital transformation. These systems can bring many new-found capabilities to the table, such as an in-depth understanding of consumer behavior through monitoring and surveillance technology.


iOSys’ in-house Embedded and IoT ninjas will hand-hold you through the entire journey from consultation to design, manufacturing, and deployment. Develop intelligent, connected devices that will build your IoT business ecosystem and transform your organization.

Benefits Of Embedded & IoT Implementation

Reduced Operational Costs
Deeper Consumer Insights
Sharper Trend Forecasts
Higher Customer Retention
Maximized Productivity
Greater Efficiency
Streamlined Employee Data
Improved Customer Service
Creative Customer Experiences
Enhanced Workplace Safety
Continuous Monitoring Of Operations
The Smart Advantage

Explore newer benefits of futuristic systems for your business!

Embedded & IoT Services from iOSys

Various ways in which we can make your IoT dream come true:

Embedded & IoT Strategy Consultation

Determine the scope for Embedded & IoT implementation with proof- of-value workshops. Conduct cost-benefit analysis and tech audits to come up with a measurable strategy. We will also finalize the software and tools to be used in the process.


  • Embedded & IoT Scope Establishment
  • Tool Selection
  • Automation Strategy

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Embedded & IoT Frameworks

Leverage our proficiency with embedded open-source systems, firmware, connectivity, and multiplatform support. With our framework tools, your design, development, and building stages will be expedited and polished. You can now release distinguished and feature-rich Embedded & IoT products ahead of your competition.


  • Fast-track frameworks
  • Open-Source Support
  • Feature Integration

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Embedded & IoT Security Implementation

Adopt a highly advanced detection and response system with made-to-order network security solutions. Implement endpoint security, protocols, access controls, and other crucial mechanisms. The iOSys team will also manage fraud and update software for the best security ecosystem.


  • Regular OS Updates
  • Updated Master Document
  • Enterprise-Grade Security

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Embedded & IoT Risk Management

Deal with all kinds of risks right from implementation glitches to internet failures and legal issues with our adept risk management talent. We will also take care of all your compliance and documentation requirements.


  • Risk Mitigation
  • Compliance Management
  • Enhanced Implementation

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IoT Gateways

Establish seamless inter-device communication with utilitarian IoT gateways. Gateways also enable automated control of field devices through sensors. You can now collect and process data securely for analysis and transport it from the Edge to the Cloud.


  • Inter-Device Connectivity
  • Sensor Installation
  • Secure Data Exchange

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Field Installation & Maintenance

Enable rich digital environments with a ready supply of mission-critical resources and on-site support. Our deft engineers will always be available for predictive maintenance based on asset conditions. We will also help you implement a custom advanced exchange program for devices.


  • On-Site Repairs & Refurbishment
  • Advanced Exchange
  • Technical Assistance

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Product Design & Building

Take your IoT products from concept to execution with valuable expertise. With agile processes, our design team will accelerate your time-to-revenue. Our hardware and software experts will set the ball rolling for manufacturing of any scale in a seamless fashion.


  • Superior Product Development
  • Faster Time-To-Revenue
  • Quality Hardware & Software Products

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Embedded & IoT Testing

Conduct usability and reliability testing for your IoT creations for augmented control and insights. Our testing framework also includes performance testing for continuous evaluation. Data integrity and security testing, too, is part of our armor.


  • Heightened Performance
  • Increased Usability & Reliability
  • Enhanced Security

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Embedded & IoT Cloud Solutions

Implement a robust cloud system with multiple security layers that can hold any amount of pre-coded enterprise IoT data. We will help you achieve optimum device connectivity, real-time analytics, remote device management, and rich APIs for effortless app development.


  • Complex Event Processing
  • Faster Coding
  • Accelerated IoT Solutions Development

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Embedded & IoT Support

Avail of the guidance and expertise of your dedicated team at any time with our steadfast support systems. Monitor and review process on a regular basis along with troubleshooting. Contact our round-the-clock support center for any urgent requirements.


  • Round-The-Clock Support
  • Collaboration With Embedded & IoT Experts
  • Timely Reviews And Maintenance

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Our Embedded & IoT Consultation Projects

Our milestone projects:

  • Case studies background
    Project Two

    Build ROI-oriented campaigns with conversion-centric landing pages.

    Growth Design Conference Case study images
    Project One

    Build ROI-oriented campaigns with conversion-centric landing pages.

    Case studies background - iosyssoftware.com
    Project Three

    Build ROI-oriented campaigns with conversion-centric landing pages.

  • Explore more insightful case studies from our docket.

    iOSys Embedded & IoT Development Tool Stack

    We only recommend and utilize A-grade tools and softwares.

    Check our prowess with even the most niche tools.

    The iOSys Embedded & IoT Implementation Process

    The iOSys journey from ground zero to IoT transformation:


    Embedded & IoT Research and Strategy
    • Setting digital business
    • Research testing IoT use
    • Defining operational and
      revenue benchmarks.


    Hardware & Tool Selection
    • Selecting goal-appropriate
      Embedded & IoT tools.
    • Picking the right hardware.
    • Choosing a custom IoT


    • Testing of the final
    • Implementing
      Embedded & IoT
    • Putting advanced
      processes in place.


    Turnkey Website SEO
    • Tailoring website
      content for SEO.
    • Conducting keyword
      review & analysis.
    • Applying SEM for driving
      traffic to the turnkey


    Data Analysis
    • Processing and interpreting
      system data.
    • Detecting errors with
      Machine Learning and fixing
    • Applying Cold & Hot Path


    Security Evaluation
    • Evaluating risks and setting
      up counters.
    • Checking for compliance
    • Securing the IoT ecosystem.

    Go the iOSys way for your new turnkey website.

    Why iOSys For Embedded & IoT Consultation?

    Here are the reasons for iOSys being your top choice

    We enable edge intelligence for a range of hardware platforms with added software prowess in multiple domains.
    Strategic insights and innovation are the hallmarks of our digital transformation process.
    Our intelligent cloud solutions perfectly complement advanced Embedded & IoT systems.
    Interoperability with various enterprise IoT ecosystems is one of our winning factors.
    All digital transformation processes of iOSys are data-driven and hence assured successes.

    iOSys Core Values

    Quality Assurance

    Business acumen

    Process Agility

    Result-Focused Workflow

    Client-Centric Approach

    Complete Compliance

    Discover the iOSys way to IoT success.

    Industries We Have Served

    Our team is adept at transforming various industries!

    Finance & Banking



    Media & Entertainment



    Real estate






    Invest in an industry-leading digital transformation process.

    Client Testimonials

    Here’s what some of our clients have to say about the digital transformation journeys we created for them.

    IT company at Bangalore | iOSys Software India team

    “Nice, sleek design. The developers and designers were very quick to help make any adjustments you need and hopped on a call when I had questions. Highly recommended! “

    Kelly O’Hara

    “The customer support are excellent and for some of the more complicated code changes, they provided instant support and fixed any issues I had. I would definitely recommend this template! “

    Gary Burke
    Nymity Inc.

    “Great template, perfect for a hubspot blog. It works on desktop, mobile and is totally responsive. Also, the support team is answering quickly to your concerns and can customize your blog. “

    Capucine Constant

    ” Great template to make you look professional and modern! I also got great help from their team to make it work for our blog. I can’t tell you how happy I am with the experience. 100% recommend :)”

    Megan Berry
    Octane AI

    “Great design, and easy to update. Great customer service assisting us in getting a blog set up. “

    Kelly Stoner
    Health Jump

    “Great template and good service. The template is easy to edit and looks good out of the box – worked instantly. We had some thigs we needed customized and the creators were quick and precise in the edits. “

    Glen Stenstrup Hagensen

    “Great Blog-Template and great support. Can only recommend working with them! “

    SCOPE Recruiting
    SCOPE Recruiting

    “Super simple to use and easy to install. Support was very responsive and very informative. Highly recommend this template. “

    Barbara Hernandez

    “Un template design et moderne; il a fallu intervenir sur quelques aspects pour changer le template d’origine mais globalement très satisfaisant”

    Angélique Ribas

    “Beautiful template, really responsive and user friendly. If you need any special customizations the creators of this template are willing to help you with that. “

    Natalia Maynez

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Embedded & IoT Systems

    What is the difference between Embedded and IoT?

    DevOps can be measured with a range of metrics. The major ones are:

    a. Deployment frequency: It is a measure of DevOps tool’s effectiveness and evaluation, response time, team efficiency, and capabilities.
    b. Mean time to recover (MTTR): It measures the time taken for recovering from a particular failure with team capability and failure rate evaluation.
    c. Change lead time: It defines the time the passes between the first code sent to operations and the code’s deployment amongst customers. It takes into account the complexity of code and the capabilities of developers.
    d. Change failure rate: It is the everyday rate of frequent deployments through various endpoints against a benchmarked value.

    What are the most commonly used IoT sensors?

    Here are the most commonly used sensors in IoT systems that make our everyday lives easier through advancement of gadgets, hardware, and software:

    • Tempetarure sensors
    • Proximity sensors
    • Pressure sensors
    • Gas sensors
    • Smoke sensors
    • IR sensors
    • Motion sensors
    What is Raspberry Pi and what are its applications in IoT?

    Raspberry Pi is the most popular, innovative, and advanced IoT device. It is a computer the size of a credit card, as per its official website. It can be plugged into a computer monitor or a TV with a regular keyboard and a mouse. It helps you explore computing and learn programming languages such as Scratch and Python. It can do every other thing that a desktop computer can, right from internet browsing to games.

    A mainstream computer is technically capable of IoT functions, but it needs excessive power to do so. Raspberry Pi is far more capable than other IoT devices and can be perfect for IoT processing. With Raspberry Pi, IoT devices don’t have to be low-powered SoC devices.

    If you want to explore possibilities with Raspberry Pi for your company, book a free consultation with us now!

    What are the challenges faced by Embedded & IoT systems?

    There are quite a few challenges faced during Embedded & IoT implementation which can reduce its capabilities if not addressed.

    • Inadequate testing.
    • Irregular updating.
    • Complexity of softwares.
    • Large volumes of data and interpretation of data.
    • Data security concerns.
    • Privacy concerns.
    • AI and automation integration.
    • Constant power supply requirements.
    • Short-range communication and interaction.

    These challenges are the major reason why you need experienced personnel to guide your Embedded & IoT implementation. With __+ years of experience and a __% success rate, iOSys can be your ideal partner.


    Which IoT testing tools does iOSys use?

    The iOSys Embedded & IoT team is proficient in a number of IoT testing tools, mainly including:

    • Simulators: MATLAB, Simulink, IoTIFY, BevyWise IoT Simulator, IBM Watson IoT Platform (IBM Bluemix)
    • Performance Testing Tools: LoadRunner, NeoLoad, LOCUST, Apache JMeter

     Apart from these top-performing tools, iOSys also has experience with a range of other testing tools. All you have to do for evaluating our capabilities is to book a free consultation.

     Pick our brains on specific Embedded & IoT-related queries.