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The perfect way to kick-start your business, take it online, or grow it – Turnkey Website Development is one of our specialities from the iOSys digital transformation suite.


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Why Opt For Turnkey Website Development?

Turnkey websites, as the name suggests, are fully operational websites that just need the turning of a key, i.e. one click to get started. Unlike entirely custom-made websites, these websites are premade, complete with design and development.


If you don’t want to spend a lot of time getting involved in the design and other time-consuming processes, a turnkey website would suit you best. These websites save the hassle of dealing with technical complications. The ownership of the website will also be handed over to you in about 24-48 hours so that you can start conducting business and transacting within no time!

Benefits Of Turnkey Website Development

Continuous Revenue Generation
Maximized Profitability
Easy Implementation
Highly Economical
Highly Time-Effective
Non-Tech-Savvy Friendly
Preliminary Training
Swift Service & Support
Faster Debugging
Regular Updates
Additional Features
Multiple Template Choices

Take your business a notch higher with a Turnkey Website.

Turnkey Website Development Services From iOSys

Various Turnkey Development solutions offered by iOSys:

Turnkey Website Consultation

Scope your business requirements and ascertain the benefits of turnkey websites for specific use cases. Our digital experts will conduct a thorough audit of your digital footprint and suggest perfect turnkey themes that will deliver the best in the least possible turnaround times.


  • Turnkey Theme Selection
  • Turnkey Solutions Roadmap
  • Website Timeline Mapping

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Turnkey Website Development

Take all the time-consuming designing, prototyping, UI/UX, content, and other tasks off your plate with one cohesive Turnkey Website Development solution. With a fully-responsive interface and design tuned to business objectives, you are set for success!


  • Full-Fledged Turnkey Website
  • Content Generation & Curation
  • Applied Website Customization

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Turnkey Software Development

Reap the benefits of our turnkey software solutions to go with your turnkey website. Get custom solutions that convert complexities to simple executables. We offer only tailor-made fully integrated software that drives digital transformation for all businesses.


  • Right Off-The-Shelf Software
  • Extended Software Lifespan
  • Integration With Legacy Softwares

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Turnkey CMS Website

Sell your services and capabilities as aggressively as products with our specialized Turnkey CMS Website solutions. Our focus will be easy navigation and user flow for you to sift through and augment revenue-generating processes.


  • Navigable CMS
  • Prestructured & Templatized Content
  • Attractive Website

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Turnkey E-Commerce Website

Send us your e-commerce product database and we will populate it into your brand new Turnkey Website in no time. We have a stack of responsive e-commerce Turnkey themes for you to choose from and customize.


  • Affordable Website Development
  • Swift Time-To-Market
  • Customization With Agility

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Turnkey Website Marketing

Take the guesswork out of Pay-Per-Click and Social Media Marketing with our team of Digital Marketing veterans. Watch your engagement rates and conversions hit the roof with our proven lead generation, communication, and conversational tactics.


  • Faster Marketing Implementation
  • More In Less Marketing Budgets
  • Proven Engagement Strategies

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Turnkey Website SEO

Help your website climb up the SEO charts and stay consistently on top-ranking SERP pages with our Turnkey-Special SEO strategies. Our content seeding, contextual marketing, and keyword research has only delivered positive results time and again.


  • Higher SERP Rankings
  • Quality SEO Content Seeding
  • Jump In All SEO Metrics

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Turnkey Website Testing

Automate testing processes for your turnkey website with our team of adept testers and analysts. Create specific test cases and implement them during and after development on a regular basis. We will keep notifying you about software and security updates.


  • Regular Update Notifications
  • All-In-One Testing Solution
  • Bug-Free Website

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Turnkey Website Security

Based on the strong principles of identity management, privilege-based access, Integrated Risk Management, etc., our security solutions will keep your website free from cyber-attacks and risks. We will gather an enterprise-view of your operations and secure allied processes too.


  • All-Round Security
  • Risk Management
  • Cyber & Application Security

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Turnkey Website Support

Avail continuous support from our dedicated Turnkey Development team at any point during or after the project. Our round-the-clock customer support service is also available for any emergencies that may threaten the website.


  • Round-The-Clock Support
  • Guidance From Turnkey Development
  • On-Time Maintenance

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iOSys Turnkey Website Development Tool Stack

iOSys recommends using only the best and most reputed tools and platforms!

  • Case studies background
    Project Two

    Build ROI-oriented campaigns with conversion-centric landing pages.

    Growth Design Conference Case study images
    Project One

    Build ROI-oriented campaigns with conversion-centric landing pages.

    Case studies background - iosyssoftware.com
    Project Three

    Build ROI-oriented campaigns with conversion-centric landing pages.

  • Explore all our DevOps Automation success stories!

    iOSys DevOps Tool Stack

    Some of the best tools from our DevOps Automation armor:

    Evaluate our capabilities with different tools.

    The iOSys Turnkey Website Development Process

    The iOSys journey towards your perfectly effortless business website.


    Turnkey Website Development Consulting
    • Taking stock of digital
      business objectives.
    • Choosing from various
      turnkey themes &
    • Setting development


    Turnkey Website Installation
    • Uploading all brand content
      and designs.
    • Customising the chosen
    • Setting up blogs, store,
      menus, sitemap, etc.


    Turnkey Website Security
    • Safeguarding the turnkey
      website with various tools.
    • Applying & access
      management protocol.
    • Implementing cyber and
      application security.


    Turnkey Website SEO
    • Tailoring website
      content for SEO.
    • Conducting keyword
      review & analysis.
    • Applying SEM for driving
      traffic to the turnkey


    Turnkey Website Testing
    • Manual testing of all buttons
      and functions.
    • Testing transactions and
      store features.
    • Revising the website to fix
      errors if any.


    Additional Tools
    • Evaluating the need for
    • Adding all necessary
    • Executing statistical and
      analytical add-ons.

    Go the iOSys way for your new turnkey website.

    Why iOSys For Turnkey Website Development?

    Here’s why iOSys should be your topmost choice

    We offer all-round website development services right from turnkey website consulting to turnkey softwares and website SEO.
    iOSys has a readymade team for all major kinds of websites, complete with developers, designers, SEO specialists, etc. to save time.
    Our add-on and allied services such as Digital Marketing make us truly comprehensive.
    By diverting the focus from you to your CUSTOMERS, we create truly innovative and market-ready website and software solutions.
    With expertise and experience in __+ sectors, we offer diversity along with specialization, a rarely found feature.

    iOSys Core Values

    Quality Assurance

    Business acumen

    Process Agility

    Result-Focused Workflow

    Client-Centric Approach

    Complete Compliance

    Go turnkey, the iOSys way!

    Industries We Serve

    Our adept team is looking for more industries and companies to build turnkey solutions for.

    Finance & Banking



    Media & Entertainment



    Real estate






    Ready to implement DevOps, the iOSys way?

    Client Testimonials

    Here’s what some of our clients have to say about the digital transformation journeys we created for them.

    IT company at Bangalore | iOSys Software India team

    “Nice, sleek design. The developers and designers were very quick to help make any adjustments you need and hopped on a call when I had questions. Highly recommended! “

    Kelly O’Hara

    “The customer support are excellent and for some of the more complicated code changes, they provided instant support and fixed any issues I had. I would definitely recommend this template! “

    Gary Burke
    Nymity Inc.

    “Great template, perfect for a hubspot blog. It works on desktop, mobile and is totally responsive. Also, the support team is answering quickly to your concerns and can customize your blog. “

    Capucine Constant

    ” Great template to make you look professional and modern! I also got great help from their team to make it work for our blog. I can’t tell you how happy I am with the experience. 100% recommend :)”

    Megan Berry
    Octane AI

    “Great design, and easy to update. Great customer service assisting us in getting a blog set up. “

    Kelly Stoner
    Health Jump

    “Great template and good service. The template is easy to edit and looks good out of the box – worked instantly. We had some thigs we needed customized and the creators were quick and precise in the edits. “

    Glen Stenstrup Hagensen

    “Great Blog-Template and great support. Can only recommend working with them! “

    SCOPE Recruiting
    SCOPE Recruiting

    “Super simple to use and easy to install. Support was very responsive and very informative. Highly recommend this template. “

    Barbara Hernandez

    “Un template design et moderne; il a fallu intervenir sur quelques aspects pour changer le template d’origine mais globalement très satisfaisant”

    Angélique Ribas

    “Beautiful template, really responsive and user friendly. If you need any special customizations the creators of this template are willing to help you with that. “

    Natalia Maynez

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    What if we are not satisfied with the turnkey website?

    DevOps can be measured with a range of metrics. The major ones are:

    a. Deployment frequency: It is a measure of DevOps tool’s effectiveness and evaluation, response time, team efficiency, and capabilities.
    b. Mean time to recover (MTTR): It measures the time taken for recovering from a particular failure with team capability and failure rate evaluation.
    c. Change lead time: It defines the time the passes between the first code sent to operations and the code’s deployment amongst customers. It takes into account the complexity of code and the capabilities of developers.
    d. Change failure rate: It is the everyday rate of frequent deployments through various endpoints against a benchmarked value.

    Can we contact our turnkey website developer directly?

    Yes, absolutely. At iOSys, we have a client-centric and a flexible communication approach. We don’t believe in hierarchies and relaying communication unnecessarily. Once we assign a team for your project, all members including the developer, tester, SEO specialist will be dedicated to your project from start to end. Their responsibility does not end once the website is live. If you find the slightest of errors in your website later on, you can either contact our round-the-clock customer support or directly call your developer.

    Agility and DevOps are conceptually similar and hence, can work in tandem. When DevOps Automation adopts agile practices, outcomes can be maximized. Agility can be used as the inspiration for forming a DevOps culture. It can strengthen the development and deployment cycles of DevOps while giving impetus to more efficient integration and delivery.

    Process agility, one of the core values of iOSys, naturally reflects upon our DevOps functions and enables us to constantly prepare more lucrative agility models. In order to understand this better, book a free consultation with us now!

    How much will our turnkey website cost?

    The answer to this question is very subjective. This depends on factors such as the type of business, sector, industry, and your company’s specific requirements. It also depends upon your SEO requirements, scalability forecasts, integrations and add-ons, the size of your website, customization needs, content and design, etc.

    Although we will deliver your website in the fastest time possible, the pricing depends upon the intensity of work that it takes, including the number of personnel and hours that they put in. We can provide you with a per-hour basis quote or a per-project basis quote, whichever suits you better. Rest assured that we will only provide the best services at the lowest possible costs.

    Get in touch with us for further turnkey development queries.