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Why Invest in Professional Logo Designs?

Logos are the foundation of your digital presence. In a virtual world that is constantly distracted by the next big thing, logos can draw people, attract interest and pique the curiosity of viewers. This inherently boosts your brand’s awareness!


But more importantly, a logo is the first building block of your brand’s identity. It is an opportunity to take your brand a notch ahead of your competitors and reside in the minds of your target audience, even long after they touch base with you.

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Why Is Your Brand Logo Important?


It Grabs and Holds Attention
Leaves a Lasting First Impression
Foundation of Brand Identity
Boosts Brand Recall
Distinguishes from the Competition
Nurtures Brand Loyalty
Meets Audience Expectations
Can Be Used Anytime and Anywhere

Distinctive Logo Design Services from iOSys

We marry the brand vision with the right topography and theme to create impeccable and attention-grabbing logo designs.
Our logo design service suite includes the following:

Iconic Logo Design

Non-typographic logo designs that boost the visual appeal of your brand by using the right mix of abstract or figurative representation. The high-quality logo designs by iOSys take care of every intricate detail to deliver compelling logo renders that are synced with long-term business goals.

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Textual Logo Design

Turn the attention to your company name with distinctive font designs that may appear simple but can be quite effective in terms of brand recall potential. Instantly communicate your brand to potential customers. Ideal if you plan to use your logos across several channels.

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Illustrative Logo Design

Eye-catching illustrative logo designs that complement the overall impact of the brand and communicate the company’s vision effectively. They are usually complex and visually alluring in design and take into account the core philosophy of your company.

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3D Logo Design

Convert your existing 2D logo into a 3D design or create one from scratch with a dynamic tone. We perfect every element of your visual brand language by personalizing the text, color, size, font, and more. Types of 3D designs that we cater to include Symbol, Wordmark, Typography, Combination, Emblem, and more.

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Emblem Logo Design

Often used to connect a company with its rich history, Emblem logo designs can instill a brand positioning with a modern direction and traditional values. We create Emblem logos with specific looks in every possible design category such as vintage emblem, traditional emblem, modern emblem, bold emblem, scholarly emblem, Medieval emblem, and more.

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Abstract Logo Design

Used to infuse multiple brand personalities into one, abstract logo designs can reflect key brand traits and multiple feelings with a single symbol or illustration. If your brand has a lot to talk about itself, this can be a great pick for you. They are also used with wordmark for more implementation flexibility and usually make use of non-literal imagery to get the message across.

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2D Logo Design

The most simple logo design that is based on the written name of the brand. It may or may not have an accompanying emblem, depending on your design requirements. Our 2D logo designs resonate with your brand and impart a fresh identity that syncs with your brand’s story.

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Mascot Logo Design

Create a fun mascot character for your logo that merges with your brand’s digital identity and delivers highly detailed logos that personifies your brand’s voice, vision, and mission statement. We empower your brand with a recall potential that is hard to capture through other conventional channels.

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Animated Logo Design

Bring your brand logo to life and leverage attention-grabbing 2D, 3D, and flash animation logos. The idea here is to impart special and dynamic effects to a logo in a way that makes for much superior storytelling ability and adds to the overall narrative of the brand. Animated logos are more seamless and appeal emotionally.

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Wondering what’s the best fit for you?

Our Custom Logo Design Projects

Here’s a look at our portfolio and some of the unique brand identities that we have created over the years.

Hashora logo
Sanfield logo
Psdtohubspot logo
Psychiatrist Mental Health Advisor logo

iOSys Logo Design Tool Stack

Our design experts are well-versed in all leading design tools and platforms, leaving no logo requirement out of bounds!

Invision In Studio logo iOSys
Sketch logo icon
Adobe In Design logo iOSys Software
Marvel logo
Figma logo
Adobe PhotoShop logo iOSys Software
MockFlow logo
Affinity Logo
Adobe Ai - Illustrator
Corel Draw logo
Axure logo
Inkscape Logo
Canva logo
Anima logo
Govisually Logo

Why Work With iOSys?

With 10+ years of industry experience and 20+ design experts, we go beyond traditional design agencies and deliver high-end value assets that get results.

High Expertise

Niche design experts who are well-versed in all trending design tools, platforms, and technologies

One-stop Solution

Logos created and delivered in multiple formats along with other associated services.

Prompt Availability

Round the clock uptime and availability of teams with 100% adherence to the delivery schedule.

Affordable Packages

Tailor-made logo design packages that don’t break the bank and meet every budget requirement.

Satisfaction Guarantee

With guaranteed logo edits and top-notch customer support, you can rest assured about the quality of delivery.

Our Logo Design Process

At iOSys, we follow a dedicated logo design framework that is geared to deliver you maximum return on investment and premium service that is hard to match. Here’s what a typical client engagement cycle looks like:



You share organizational details such as vision, mission statement, brand values, and anything else that can help us steer the logo creation process in the right direction.



Our project manager leverages the information and brainstorms with the design team to come up with multiple design concepts before selecting the best alternative.



Our designers execute the vision and create innovative logo design concepts that mimic your brand and align with your vision and values.



Initial logo designs are shared with you for analysis and feedback. All inputs are documented and addressed to deliver well-perfected final designs.



The design changes are presented and further iterations are made if required. Once we arrive at the final draft, we share the source files and handover the design copyright to you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many logo designs do you provide with every order?

Based on your requirements and feedback, we provide ___ logo design options for you to select from and finalize. Once you select the final design and make the payment, you will receive the final design files.

What is the turnaround time for logo designs?

The turnaround time for a typical logo ranges from 1-2 weeks, depending on the complexity of the design process involved. It can also be more or less depending on the response time of the client and design changes that are requested.

Who owns the copyright to the final logo design?

As soon as we hand over the final logo design files to you, we also transfer all associated copyrights. You are the sole owner of the design and it can never be reused in any capacity by us or any involved third party.

What if I don’t like what you have designed?

Although we do take care of every client preference and pay dedicated attention to all scoping details, in the off-chance that you don’t like any of the first set of logos, we can get on a call to explore new directions cover all gaps, if there are any. With this information, we can then proceed with the project and deliver the final design.

What all is included in the final delivery of logo designs?

The final delivery of your logo will include design files in multiple formats such as the CMYK version, Pure black version, white knockout, RGB version, Favicon logo image, and 100% Copyright ownership. We also incorporate any special requirements that you may have in terms of logo size, file types, platform-specific files, and more.

What is the scope of support from your team once the logo design process is complete?

We provide round the clock support even after the end of the logo design process. Deliverables in this phase can include helping you set up and use the logo files across multiple platforms and marketing channels, support on how to self-tweak designs (if relevant and applicable), and data back of the design files. In the case extensive long-term support is required, you can always share corresponding details at the beginning of the project and we can cater to them with a customized logo design package.